Locator Pricing Info

Pricing for your equipment will be kept between the Locators.

Call and ask how this works.

It's always best for all of us to make a least $500 per transaction.
If there's 3 people in on deal, $500 its tuff to pass around. Make it worthwhile. The more stuff you can get on a truck the better. So if you have to give something away, don't worry about it, there's 30 trucks right behind this one.

We don't (at least I don't like to) buy anything. When your asking someone to buy an item, see if they have anything to sell. Half the time they will just give it to you.

Keep your own contacts. We don't need them, we need each-other.
517 404 3073

The best way to receive a commission is to deal with the area you most about. Either by daily activities or sales and or actual work. Just call or email to get in the "Loop"

You may be a buyer, salesman, contractor, die maker, press or injection and so on, that needs items that we may have on a monthly basis. We don't want you to scrap your normal supplier, just give us a shout now and then to see if it's coming in or around. It's easy to make a grand. If you can't except money the you may get a feather in your cap to save the job you were hired for.

There are 600 Million sq. ft. of warehouse space out there and someone, more than likely has an item on hand, cheaper and better or at least the same. New or Used. New old stock.................Price is what sells. Once the companys making money, you are too.

You know what it costs and we "make the deal" between us. Cutting yourself  in on half or more or less depending on the deal.

We really don't sell anything, we just help the customer buy.