Hobart Mixers
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Want to save 30% to 60% on a scratch and a dent? New Items
Or do want it new?
Or just good used equipment?
Coolers, Freezers, Pizza Ovens, 120 Quart Mixers, 40 Quart, 20 Quart Out, dish washers, sterilizers, racks, bake trays

Look up the pricing and you give me a quote.
We don't deal too much with the smalls so if your in need of the large units by all means call

These are a few of the items in stock. Be specific, request your needs with price, we'll get back to you with a price or a counter offer. Really!
Currently out of 20 quart

hobrtair.jpg (9952 bytes)Make up heat and air (Bad picture) Like New

We also have instock a 40 ton air / 800,000 Btu New !!!
$40,000 retail  1995 on the pallet $10,000 Warranted

hobrtbl.jpg (13007 bytes) hobrtmt.jpg (10249 bytes)11 units in stockhobrtmt1.jpg (11385 bytes)     hobrtmt2.jpg (9503 bytes)     hobrtmxs.jpg (7077 bytes)

hobrtsk.jpg (19559 bytes)

d-cooler.jpg (9221 bytes)

There's 12,000 square ft of stuff in here and I don't know what it is but I do know it's 1/2 price and even below special volume buyers.

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