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 Surplus Fanuc Units, Salvage parts, automation equipment

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We buy volume Robots and Robotics.
We resell your best equipment for you.
We store what maybe of interest to you as well as others in our warehouse.
We pay top dollar for your scrap.
We can bid those hard to deal with scrapping situations. Cradle to Grave Paperwork

We will buy your entire line for scrap plus the robots.
We pay you to remove your items and free up the space.
We buy the line as it sets on the floor, use your favored contractor to remove it.

We did it for GM, Steel Mills, The Rail Road, Hayes Wheel, we can do it for you. USA, Canada, UK.

   John R Gregor     
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Industrial Support Services
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You scrapped it!!!Surplus Fanuc Units, Salvage parts, automation equipment

Don't let this happen to you!

We could have gotten more!!!