Jenee Gregor
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Big Green Waste. com
The name is a little twisted, looks like it could go either way. Good or Bad.
Taking Care of the Waste

Growing Food Indoors

Searching the world for you!
Location Services and Green Industrial Support

ReSeller Services from a Younger Point of View

Box 350 Howell Michigan 48844

This website is my first venture in the world of business.
I have the warehousing, a small amount of capitol, manufacturing facility and plenty of energy to help you develop an Ideas, Products, or Process. An Office Off the Beaten Path , Brick and Mortar . An Old Schoolhouse, Warehouse and Dock

 1890s Need anything?

Please contact me with your ideas and we will see if something will work (with my Dads help) and the equipment we may have.

I feel that a product that is Small, Custom, Cheap and Ships Worldwide is the answer

517 548 7111 Cell
313 530 0442 Cell
FAX 775 993 0996

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